The Romanian market is rapidly expanding due to the huge interest that it has attracted from foreign investors, both private and institutional.

With selected investment in Land Development Projects, the opportunities exist for Investment returns upwards of 30% per year.

Where potential development land is acquired prior to full planning consents, the investment margins increase proportional to the risks.

The richness and variety of its tourist attractions, natural but also cultural and historical ones, bring Romanian a leading position in Europe.

As the country prepares to join the European Union in January 2007, reports indicate a sustained period of political stability, economic growth and low inflation. Inbound overseas investment is growing year on year and the property market reports demand outstripping supply in nearly every sector.

In our opinion, all these indicators point to a good time to invest in Romania
EU grants of 30 billion Euros

Romania 's GDP over 2005-2007 will go up by €10 billion per year, and will stand in 2007 at €96.138 billion.








National Budget

€25 Bn

€30 Bn

€36 Bn (est.)

€45 Bn (est.)

€59 Bn (est.)


Percentage of GDP


31 %



34 %(est.)

  • Extremely low current cost of land and finished property;
  • Huge potential for growth;
  • A growing economy: 3 consecutive years of growth. GDP in excess of 4% (2002: 4.9%,2003 = 4.4%, 2004 = 8.1%);
  • Reducing inflation: single digit figure of 9% achieved in 2004;
  • Major infrastructure improvements: including many new roads & highways;
  • 2004 is the first year Romanian natural persons were granting housing loans;
  • Many state-owned companies being privatised, leading to a fully functioning market economy;
  • - Accession to NATO on 2nd April 2004;
  • Accession to UE on 1st January 2007.
  • Land
  • Sharp increase in prices due to commercial/industrial demand in Northern Bucharest & other key locations;
  • Property Prices – Year 2003 – 2004 recorded 40-45% increase;
  • Hot Spots – Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara, Oradea, Ploiesti;
  • Open Sky’s Policy (2007)
  • Airlines will be able to compete for routes, boosting tourism, bringing more visitors & inward investment to Romania;
  • Service sectors, tourism & leisure
  • Building, construction, industrial parks & offices.
Key investment areas in the Romanian market
  1. Bucharest (the capital)
  2. Main cities: Timisoara, Arad, Oradea and Cluj (Transylvania), Brasov and Sibiu (at the border of Transylvania and south part of the Country called Tara Romaneasca) and Constanta (port at the Black Sea)
  3. Land: construction land or agricultural land. Currently foreign citizens cannot buy land freely. Our advisers in Romania will enable you to purchase land by setting up a company. Immediately on EU accession, there will be no limitations.
  4. Countryside spots with tourist potential or urban developments

A Canadian company to build international airport at Ghimbav (8.3 kms from Poiana Brasov). Investments within a public–private partnership with the Romanian authorities, Canadian-based Intelcan has unveiled plans to build an international airport in Ghimbav, Brasov County. The total investment for a 3 to 4 years period, amounts approximately 100 million EUR

Land prices in Poiana Brasov before November 2005 were averaging €180 per sqm. Land price in the area can be expected to double instantly following the announcement above. Also it should be noted that the municipal authorities of Brasov will partner with a private company to build an ultramodern golf course in the area. An 18 hole course will be constructed, so that tourists to have access to an increased range of leisure activities outside the winter sporting season. The proposal was made by a private company that offered the Brasov City Hall a partnership in a joint company to administrate the golf course.

The project completes the initiative of a private company which intends to build in the neighbourhood several villas, a 4-star hotel and a recreation complex with tennis courts and swimming pool facilities. New Gondola Ski Transport ropeway has also been opened at Poiana Brasov this Christmas.